What Printers and Filament do you use?

I have a suggestion page with all the products I can vouch for based on personal experience. Click this link to see all the printers and products I recommend. (AMAZON RECOMMENDATIONS)

How do you smooth layer lines on your GIANT Turtle FILAMENT PRINTS?

  • I use a 2 part epoxy resin called "famowood glaze coat" you can get at lowes in a 1 gallon kit or here is an amazon link for a quart kit. You won't need a lot to coat a figure, lasts quite awhile. Make sure to follow the mixing directions to the tee. Excellent product for coating PLA filament and cheaper than the products designed for 3dprint smoothing.

Do you sell your GIANT TMNT 3d Prints?

  • Currently I only offer Giant Figures as raffles as these take a week of constant 3d printing to print one. I recommend printing your own Giant Figures. Here is a link to the printer I make mine on. If you would like to participate in the raffles please follow me on Instagram and sign up for post notifications, they sell out in less than an hour normally.

  • www.instagram.com/dimensionxtoys

Do you scan the original figures?

I do not own a scanner at the moment. I have a couple friends that own them. I can recommend a scanner that will work great but 3d scanners are very expensive and you will need a very powerful gaming type pc to run them. You can get most of the files I use on a website called www.cults3d.com

This is the Scanner I am currenlty saving up for. An excellent B-day/ Christmas idea for me wink wink!

How do you articulate the 3d scans?

I use a free program called Meshmixer by Autodesk. I'm currently working on Youtube content to teach people how to do this.

What apps do you recommend for digital sculpting?

The industry standard is done on mac/pc a program called Zbrush. I personally use an Ipad Pro and an Apple Pencil and a $10 dollar app called forger, also another app called Nomad