New Youtube Page w/ tutorials!

I can whole heartedly recommend sticker mule stickers, I've used a few others and they seem to have the best quality.  This link gives us each a $10 credit when you make an account.  Tee Public is DTG print on demand, great website for having Tshirts and other merch made.  Using this link gives me a referral and helps with a kickback program, also recommend you recommend others if you do make an account.  All of the links given in FAQ are affilliate marketing links from amazon.  I'm yet to see anything for them, amazon doesn't really give you anything for referring products, but maybe one day I will see something from sharing their products.  This is more so for the community as I hope to inspire as many people as possible to take up 3d printing or customizing toys as it is a great creative endeavor.  Cheers Y'all!