What Printers and Filament do you use?

I have a suggestion page with all the products I can vouch for based on personal experience.  Click this link to see all the printers and products I recommend.  (Amazon Affiliate links)

How do you smooth layer lines on your GIANT Turtle FILAMENT PRINTS?

Do you sell your GIANT TMNT 3d Prints?

Do you scan the original figures?

I do not own a scanner at the moment.  I have a couple friends that own them.  I can recommend a scanner that will work great but 3d scanners are very expensive and you will need a very powerful gaming type pc to run them.  You can get most of the files I use on a website called www.cults3d.com 

This is the Scanner I am currenlty saving up for.  An excellent B-day/ Christmas idea for me wink wink!

How do you articulate the 3d scans?

I use a free program called Meshmixer by Autodesk.  I'm currently working on Youtube content to teach people how to do this.  I also recommend "nomad sculpt" for the IPAD pro and Android tablets, its a 15 dollar app that is ground breaking for tablets.

What apps do you recommend for digital sculpting?

The industry standard is done on mac/pc a program called Zbrush.  I personally use an Ipad Pro and an Apple Pencil and a $10 dollar app called forger, also another app called Nomad