Welcome to all artists 3d and 2d

This was originally going to be just an online art toy show featuring different toy artists but is now open to 2d or artists of different mediums.  

PLEASE NO AI Artificial intelligence generated garbage (not really art) 

This show will be ran through Instagram on March 19, 2024 at 6 PM CST everyone will post their art piece at the same time using the #sewershowdown and using the LOGO in their image of their art.  CLICK HERE FOR LOGO

You can schedule your post or you can just post right at 6 pm

To preschedule a post you can follow these directions

How to schedule a post or Reel on Instagram

During the Live on Instagram

I will be first going on and working my way through the #sewershowdown to view all the awesome submissions kind of quickly because of time factors (@toyzalive will also be covering a lot of the artists as well as @toysontap)

I will be hosting a live stream on instagram with my cohost @epoxy_crusader and having a few guest artists on (these are some people I view to be some of the original guys making TMNT customs and have made a name for themselves doing so)

Ehimo Adventures @ehimo_adventures (made many TMNT customs and some of the highest quality Art Toys out there.

Death By Toys @deathbytoys (made the original Sewer Slasher Turtles)

Collector Dibs @collectordibbs (Has assembled a dream team of sculptors, painters, molding and casting, artists and made a lot of the unproduced TMNT figures as well as many awesome mashup customs such as the LOTR / TMNT and Star Wars / TMNT customs.

I will have on these 3 guests after going over some of the pieces through the #sewershowdown


Artist list for posting